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Baby`s body found at Greenstar recycling site


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Police are looking for a couple in connection with the discovery of the body of a baby boy at Greenstar UK’s recycling plant in Addlethorpe.

The body was found on 15 October on the conveyor belt while an employee checked for glass in the material brought in for recycling.

Lincolnshire Police are investigating the circumstances behind the discovery and the recycling plant is currently closed

Following police appeals, an elderly lady has come forward with information that she saw a couple in a heated argument. She described a young woman aged between 16 and 18 with a man who is thought to be in his forties.

At a media briefing on 16 October DCI Gibbon of Skegness Police said: “We are deeply concerned about the baby’s mother. Evidence from the post mortem examination has suggested that she suffered a very traumatic and distressing birth and she will be in need of urgent medical attention and emotional support.”

A spokesperson for Greenstar said: “This is obviously a human tragedy and a very distressing incident. All staff at the site are being fully supported and offered a counselling service.”

It has been confirmed that the baby is white and was born alive only a few days before he was found dead, but post mortem tests have proved inconclusive. The baby had numerous injuries believed to be consistent with a traumatic birth and having been put into a recycling bin and subsequent recycling process.

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