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Babycare supplies marketers must come up with new products and strategies on a regular basis -- to raise brands above the commodity herd. The fact that the pool of babies tends to hover near 4.0 million, year in, year out, further pressures competition. Yet this market is worth the scramble for share: Valued at $7.0 billion at retail, the market’s six categories (disposable diapers, wipes, bodycare preparations, feeding accessories, play & discovery toys, and pacifiers/teethers) hold rich potential for players with innovative wares and competitive savvy. This latest edition of a popular Packaged Facts report contains all the information that executives need to form aggressive gameplans for either entering the fray or enhancing their existing positions.


 Market drivers such as green or natural/organic products, and higher birth rates among ethnic minorities, are examined against the background of the troubled U.S. economy. Sales figures -- both historical and forecasted -- are covered, too, as are IRI brand share data, and Experian Simmons demographic data. Execs can also compare their battle profiles with those of California Baby, Hain-Celestial, Kimberly-Clark, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Seventh Generation, and others; each of these companies’ stances is discussed in detail. Throughout the report, Packaged Facts’ unique in-depth analysis is featured.


Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Executive Summary

Chapter 2: The ProductsIntroduction The Products Eight Controversial Ingredients Regulation

Chapter 3: Insights and Opportunities

 Chapter 4: The MarketMarket Size and GrowthMarket CompositionFactors in Future GrowthProjected Sales

Chapter 5: The Marketers The MarketersMarketer and Brand Share: Disposable Diapers/Training PantsMarketer and Brand Share: Baby Wipes/Moist Towelettes Marketer and Brand Share: Baby Bodycare Products Marketer and Brand Share: Feeding Accessories Marketer and Brand Share: Play & Discovery Toys Marketer and Brand Share: Pacifiers/Teethers

Chapter 6: The Competitive Situation The Competitive Situation Competitive Profile: Energizer Holdings, Inc./Playtex Competitive Profile: Jarden Corporation/NUK/GerberCompetitive Profile: Johnson & Johnson Competitive Profile: Kimberly-Clark CorporationCompetitive Profile: The Procter & Gamble Co. Three Marketers to WatchBabycare Supplies Product Trends Consumer Advertising and Promotion

Chapter 7: Distribution and Retail


 In Supermarkets, Margins Slip as Shoppers Seek Value Brands

E-tailer Profile: Quidsi, Inc./

Retailer Profile: Toys “R” Us, Inc./Babies “R” Us

Chapter 8: The Consumer

The U.S. Baby Scene: Births and Birth Rates

 About Experian Simmons Information

 Households With Kids or Expectant Mothers

Psychographics and Media

 The Disposable Diapers/Training Pants User-Household

The Baby Bodycare Products User-Household

The Baby Wipes/Moist Towelettes User-Household

The Play & Discovery (Infant) Toys User-Household

Household Patronage of Retail Store Chains

Appendix: Selected Company Addresses



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