Bacharach Introduces First Rapid, Low-Cost Portable HVOC Analyzer


Source: Bacharach, Inc.

Bacharach Introduces First Rapid, Low-Cost Portable HVOC Analyzer X-Wand® streamlines testing for most common soil and water contaminants in the U.S.

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. – Bacharach Inc. recently introduced the X-Wand®, the first low-cost, portable apparatus to quickly detect and measure halogenated volatile organic compounds (HVOCs) in the field.

Unlike other screening tools on the market, the X-Wand® is not confused by humidity or aromatic hydrocarbons, such as gasoline. It screens for a wide range of contaminants in both soil and water samples, with results comparable to those achieved in laboratory tests. It is the only HVOC analyzer for lab, field and survey use. “The X-Wand® definitely meets the need that existed for a quick, low-cost way to locate trichloroethylene and other HVOCs at brownfields and abandoned or inactive industrial and commercial sites. The X-Wand® offers onsite analysis so your cost of use is less.,” said Wes Mellon, Bacharach VP Engineering. “And the versatile X-Wand™ also can be used in the laboratory to determine which of the two very different GC/MS analysis methods should be used to determine HVOCs in soil samples – an important time and cost saver for analytical labs.” The X-Wand® kit includes the X-Wand™ HVOC Analyzer, a carrying case, a digital scale, digital barometric pressure and temperature gauges, two one-liter tedlar gas bags, a 250 milliliter glass jar and a battery charger. The battery-powered analyzer weighs 5 pounds and measures 5.5” X 10.5” X 8.5”.

The technology utilized by the X-Wand® was validated through testing at several military sites across the country.

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