Backup is essential!


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Backup of your archive is important, don’t forget to make it every day!

In case the schedules set during the first installation of EuSHEET have been modified, please follow this short guide to reset them.

Backup is needed for … :

Why is backup necessary?

It is very useful to have a copy of all data inserted in your archive in case of damage or malfunctioning of your computer. Thanks to the setting of a periodical data backup, you won’t lose all the work accomplished during months or years because with a simple re-installation and a data restore it will be possible to recover the system at the day of the damage or at the previous day (that depends on the backups frequency and on the kind of scheduling) without any data loss in your archive!

Backup setting:

Backup setting is very easy.

During the first EuSHEET installation it has been installed a script that, through the Windows Scheduler tool, performs automatically every day at the same hour the copy of your archive, creating as an outcome a file in a specific folder.

In case this script is not available and to have information about its contents, please contact Selerant service of technical assistance.

In particular, it is created an ORACLE folder in the path C:\Program Files (x86)\SELERANT\BACKUP in which it will be created the backup file dbchem.dmp (the path where the file is saved and the file name can be edited according to your needs).

In case your backup is not scheduled anymore, you can copy the text in a notepad file and rename it, for instance, as backup.cmd.

To test its efficiency, it will be enough to click twice on the file and the black window of dos emulator will be opened

and it will end with the message of the operation succesfully terminated.

Automatic backup:

To automate the backup procedure, it will be enough to set the activity in the Windows Scheduler tool with a daily frequency.

We are available to support you for any doubt or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us at the address !

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