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Badger Meter wins record order of 8 million Euros in Qatar and the Briman tender in Saudi Arabia


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Badger Meter Europa GmbH secured four tenders from the National Water Committee in Qatar for 60.000 E-Series water meters in a value of 8 million Euros. The OIML approved meters equipped with M-Bus module will be installed in the capital city of Doha, Qatar. Target of the first orders is to get existing meters replaced with wireless data transmission. This investment is made to extend and optimize the infrastructure of Doha in regard to the next football World Cup in 2022.

Badger Meter secured the tender for twelve electromagnetic flow meters in ultra large diameters for the National Water Company - the only tender-issuing gatekeeping authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The innovation of Badger Meter electromagnetic flow meters is not only focused on the side of electronics but also on ModMAG meter detectors themselves. The increasing demand for a better control of water supplies requires the qualification of providing customers with electromagnetic flow meters able to measure extremely large flows - flow rates larger than 5.000 liters of water per second!The twelve ModMAG meters in DN 1500 and DN 2000 were designed and manufactured at Badger Meter Czech s.r.o. for the installation under the strong technical requirements of US ASME Stamp 'U' code and under heavy duty conditions. Special piping and fittings needed to be calculated, designed and produced to avoid heavy movements and vibrations during the gravimetric calibration process.

The first delivery to the NWC for larger diameters reinforces the reputation of Badger Meter as a competitive, flexible, and quality-oriented supplier of ultra large sized ModMAG meters.

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