Baetsen the second:A new waste wood processing plant will be build together with Vecoplan!


Source: Vecoplan AG

Baetsen is establishing a new scrap wood processing plant in Son, a suburb of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, for the processing of 200,000 tons of waste wood per year. This corresponds to a performance of approx. 50 t/h for 250 working days at a rate of 16 hours per day. For this new plant, Vecoplan will deliver almost all the machine technology necessary to process the waste wood. Most of the completed end product will be used in chip board production. For this reason, Baetsen has attached great importance to the quality of the completed product and has, therefore, incorporated a non-ferrous separation and an additional extraction for light fractions into the plant concept.

Besides the reusable ferrous and non-ferrous fractions, a total of three main fractions will be manufactured. The largest fraction, approx. 80%, will be manufactured for the chip board production. About 10% of the material flow will be used as fuel with a grain of < 35 mm, while the remaining 10% is dust, < 5 mm.

At this plant, Vecoplan can take credit for the overall planning, procedure development together with the end customer, delivering the whole machine technology (except for ferrous and non-ferrous separation elements), installation and commissioning. In particular, the support during the approval procedure for the plant and the cooperation with building companies were the key points in completing the order and managing this project.

Vecoplan will not only deliver the machine technology, but also the complete electrotechnology that will guarantee the fully automated operation of the plant.

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