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Bag Splitters for MSW and Commercial Waste?


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Bag splitters were designed for processing of lightweight packaging material. Consequently, they are almost only used for recovery of such materials.

Should this be all bag splitters could be used for?

Since 15 years, the German BRT Recycling Technologie GmbH has been showing other interesting fields of application for this proven system.

As sole manufacturer of bag splitters in the market, BRT designs machines for processing of MSW and commercial waste. The BRT machines are successfully in use worldwide.

Under the name of SCHLITZ-O-MAT Bag Opener the patented BRT design became a well known brand at tearing speed. The low wear and low servicing requirements contributed to the rapid worldwide success.

Since delivery of the first machine in 1995, to date 260 SCHLITZ-O-MAT Bag Openers were built for the international markets. BRT supplied the first Bag Opener for processing of MSW as early as 1997. It was built fo the waste disposal facilities of the Libanese capital Beirut.

By now the greater part of this metropolis goes through seven BRT Bag Openers. Further machines of the same type were sold to North and South America, Scandinavia , Great Britain and France . The SCHLITZ-O-MAT machines are manufactured under license in Japan for supplying the Asian markets.

For being able to cope with heavy, inhomogeneous materials and rising throughput rates the SCHLITZ-O-MAT Bag Opener has been constantly advanced.

Under the type of MSW, three working widths for heaviest materials and odd sized material components were designed. In 2005, BRT developed SCHLITZ-O-MAT MSW 1-21 for one of the biggest Italian recyclers and customers in the United Arab Emirates . This macine type processes 40 tonnes of material per hour.

Bag Openers for household and commercial waste are a good alternative to using shredders. The first impressing factor is the lower purchase price. The lower power consumption, lower servicing costs, and long service life reduce the operating costs. Thanks to its special design the SCHLITZ-O-MAT Bag Opener is well prepared for coping with disruptive materials.

The SCHLITZ-O-MAT Bag Opener opens the bags leaving its contents almost untouched

The ripping drum separates the material and provides an even material stream which is optimally prepared for subsequent sorting processes. A special sensoric system and the special regulation system help to avoid material jam and breakings of the material flow.

Large recycling companies like e.g. Onyx, Veolia or Remondis are availing themselves of this BRT technology.

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