Baioni centrifuges spin repeat orders


Source: Baioni Crushing Plants Spa

Baioni, the leading manufacturer of stone crushing plants, introduced the Baidec Centrifuge Decanter to the UK market three years ago. This specialised dewatering system has proven effective in the challenging and abrasive quarry environment, with a number of repeat orders recently obtained, confirming the effectiveness of the equipment in reducing settlement pond requirements and other environmental challenges. Graham Brain the UK Sales Manager for Baioni said “We have proven the Baioni Centrifuge Decanter meets the requirements of the UK market by three recent repeat orders from existing customers. This shows how the benefits of high performance, compact design, easy installation and low running and maintenance costs can prove very attractive. Now potential customers can see the confidence the industry has in specifying Baioni, giving impetus for their own future purchases and us confidence for further success”. The new type of Decanter was developed over a period of eight years by engineers at Baioni in Italy to maximise the durability of the wear components with ceramic inserts in high abrasive areas. Success has seen over 70 installations in Italy and a further ten established here in the UK. The latest PLC control systems are installed on current models allowing unattended operation for longer shifts, which also allows a smaller centrifuge purchase with consequent capital savings.The Baioni Baidec range comes in 9 model sizes and can produce dry solids from 1 tonne to 20 tonne per hour while at the same time producing water with much reduced solids base saving on settlement lagoons.

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