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Mobile remediation technology

With the progressive exhaustion of natural resources and the increase of soil pollution, the effects on ecosystem and human health remain a major concern in today's society; the aim is therefore trying to reduce pollutants in our environment such as chemicals, toxic materials, pathogen agents, radioactive materials but first of all to adopt a correct 'upstream' management of waste, of chemical agents in agriculture and industry, of every potentially harmful human activity. 

In this regard, Baioni of Italy is ready to rise the challenge and confront itself with this important issue of high environmental value. In these days, the company is delivering a very important job: a mobile soil washing treatment plant, fully containerized, designed for maximum efficiency for an overall production of 30 tph, as a result of an intensive work which has allowed Baioni to become the national leader both for the project design and for the manufacturing of environmental treatment technology. 

Cost savings through the use of Mobile Soil Washing Installations 

Baioni was contracted by an Italian waste and recycling operator to design and implement soil washing cleanup of various contaminated soils to be treated on a huge process platform. Baioni determined technical feasibility of the project through a treatability study which indicated that the soil could be remediated through a complex process aimed to achieve a production of 30-40 thp, using container modules, totally independent  with a proper control panel, allowing any future displacement. 

The whole mobile soil washing plant is based on specific customer's requirements, totally exclusive and  customized, based on removal of contaminated particles through physical separation, dewatering of the soil products, chemical and physical treatment and recycling/reuse of wash water. 

Design – Engineering – Manufacturing – Automation – Installation – Maintenance – Training

The primary tasks performed by Baioni were as follows: 

  • Develop a 3D block plant/installation 
  • Perform a process optimization study to determine optimum process configuration
  • Prepare 100% process stages
  • Prepare estimate for plant capital cost 
  • Prepare 100% process design
  • Prepare equipment procurement specifications
  • Preparation of plant operations and training manuals
  • Provide plant commissioning and start-up services
  • Provide operator training

Integrated solutions

The 100% process design documents and equipment procurement specifications were submitted in late 2014 and approved early 2015. Construction activities included construction of a plant building, soil treatment plant, plant support systems, chemical storage area and outside contaminated and clean soil storage tanks. Plant construction was completed in fall of 2016, commissioning and prove-out phase are expected to be performed in spring/summer 2016.
Thanks to years of experience in mineral sector, Baioni can ensure the correct conception of the technological line based on the specifications of the soil to be reclaimed and can provide adequate support for the management as well as suitable staff training to personnel. As each plant is made to measure according to characterization of soil to be reclaimed and with the intent to give customers the best technical and economic solution, Baioni designs soil washing plants on data provided by laboratory tests that the company carried out on significant samples.

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