BakerCorp expands its global reach with its latest branch opening


Source: BakerCorp

BakerCorp announced today that it has taken the next step in its ongoing strategy to bring more quality, temporary containment solutions at a superior value to more customers around the globe. Its latest branch opening is in Gersthofen in the region of Munich, the capital of Bayern in Southeast Germany. The location is one of two Baker branches in Germany and one of more than 90 around the world in countries throughout Europe and in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

“Bayern is the country’s largest state and houses over 20,000 companies—or 17 percent of all German companies in the region,” says Branch Manager Dirk Decker. “There are 465 production companies, including large, well-known ones like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Siemens, Infineon, the European Aerospace and Defense Company, Puma and Adidas.”

Additionally, the branch location puts Baker in close proximity to Austria and Switzerland, which are home to a number of refineries, chemical plants and steel plants with regular temporary liquid storage needs. Baker will be able to serve these customers quickly and offer exceptional value as a result of this short distance.

The Gersthofen branch currently offers large liquid storage tanks and containment berms to customers that include refineries, drilling companies, power plants, industrial cleaners and more.

“The size of our tanks, in combination with the fact that they can be easily transported with a standard-size truck, is very unique because it allows us to respond very quickly to our customers,” says Decker. “The Baker containment berms are also new to this market.”

About BakerCorp

BakerCorp is the industry leader in containment, pumping, filtration and shoring equipment rental solutions. Since its inception in 1942, BakerCorp has grown to become the largest and most experienced containment, pumping, filtration and shoring solutions provider with over 90 locations nationwide and international operations in Europe, Canada and Mexico. BakerCorp retains an extensive inventory of over 19,000 pieces of equipment including more than 17 varieties of steel tanks, roll off boxes, pumps, filtration, shoring and specialty equipment. BakerCorp provides innovative solutions to an ever expanding number of markets that include: chemical, manufacturing, refining, construction, municipal, industrial services, environmental remediation, power generation, aerospace, food processing, tank terminal/pipeline operations, transportation, pulp and paper, mining, electronics, wastewater, and many others.

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