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In 2004, Donald E. Baldwin, a professional with more than 30 years of experience in general and business aviation, founded Baldwin Aviation. The company remains relatively small but overcomes budget and employee constraints to serve many of the smaller flight departments in the industry. The CEO and President Donald Baldwin ultimately implemented proprietary processes and software that enables the company to support its small operations and deliver the same level of resources and services as other large, multinational competitors.

The Significances of Baldwin Safety Management Services:

Baldwin specializes in providing safety management programs to various flight departments. Their proprietary software, Baldwin Safety and Compliance as well as Safety Pulse, are the essential tools in which they deliver these services. Their safety management systems play a vital role in the development of their safety management programs on a grander scale. A safety management system, or SMS, is just one component of a complete safety program.

·         It identifies hazards and categorizes risks

·         It develops, documents, and mitigates safety related issues

·         It tracks and measures the results of safety related activities

In addition, their comprehensive SMS programs also include such features:

·         Customized manuals

·         Emergency Response Plan

·         A means to provide immediate feedback

·         Defined expectations of all personnel

·         Training Program

·         Support Resources

·         All aspects of flight operation

The operations manuals and emergency response systems that Baldwin develops allow small flight departments out of regulatory trouble. For example, private pilots have a method of accurately assessing their trip risk level due to:

·         Weather

·         Lack of recent experience

·         Fatigue

This information can be inputted into the system that Baldwin has created so their flight operators can track their own risk exposure. The Baldwin database can be easily accessed, allowing operators to view not only their own data, but learn from data of other pilots and how they dealt with similar situations.

ASAP Semiconductor - The Distributor with Substantial Industry Reputation:

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary website Aviation Sourcing Solutions, is a leading distributor of spare parts for many private aircraft and rotorcraft. We supply the parts needed to maintain the highest level of safety standards and which complement the safety management systems that Baldwin provides. Contact us today at for any questions on any requirements you may have regarding any of your private and personal aircraft.

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