Baler with wings


Source: Bramidan Balers

KLM Catering Services Shiphol (KCS) has installed a horizontal baler model HC40.

Horizontal baler flies in at KLM Catering Services

KLM Catering Services Schiphol (KCS) has years of experience in the field of airline catering. KCS provides not only food, but also newspapers, crockery and non-food items. In total 1250 employees work at KCS with 42 different nationalities.

With the investment in a new horizontal channel baler, KCS has obtained a better workflow and significant savings.

Installation of the horizontal baler model HC40 To install the 6 ton horizontal baler on the first floor, the machine had to be moved with a 60 ton crane at 15 meters height and maneuvered through a custom-made opening in the facade.

The process of logistics is very important at KCS. Handling cardboard waste in a better way than the company did before, was the main issue when buying a horizontal baler.

The cardboard is compacted into bales of 400 kg cardboard with the new baler. On the first floor KCS employees empty their containers directly into the baler with a lifting system. The workplace is clean and tidy all the time.

The compact heavy cardboard bales are discharged by the waste company.

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