Balers shown to cut company waste management costs by up to 80%


Source: Mil-tek

In a move designed to help businesses respond to the 20% increase in the standard rate of tax from £40 to £48 for each tonne of waste sent to landfill, effective 1 April 2010 and announced in this week’s Budget, waste solutions company Mil-tek is launching a “free, no strings attached” two-week baler trial for companies of all sizes. The government now plans to raise landfill tax to £80 per tonne by 2014/15, extending its annual increase in the tax by a year. Accountant Deloitte’s environmental tax team has said that landfill tax increases will lead to “significant increases” in the cost of disposing of waste for businesses.
By compacting and baling segregated cardboard and plastics for onward recycling, Mil-tek’s air-powered, lower-energy-consumption balers significantly reduce the number of skips and lifts-to-landfill, saving companies up to 80% in waste management costs, and in some cases can generate additional revenues through the onward sale of recyclable materials.
“By removing cardboard, plastic and other recyclable materials from their general waste companies increase recycling and avoid landfill tax increases – and by sorting, baling and recycling, business are also complying with the pre-treatment environmental legislation that has been in force since October 2007” says Mil-tek GB sales director Bryan Wingfield. “Perhaps most importantly, they are reducing their landfill tax bill”.

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