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Ball of stone


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It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection. And other industries, as the catalyst within the reactor cover material and tower packing. It can be used as grinding bodies for ball mill.


“Ball stone” that is spherical stone, divided into artificial stone and natural ball stone. Artificial stone is the use of high-quality raw materials, the use of advanced spray drying technology, dry automatic isostatic pressing process, the high temperature fuel tunnel kiln sintering, the products are widely used in ceramic enterprises grinding glaze, grinding blank, As a grinding medium. Natural ball stone that is natural spherical pebbles, from the experience of thousands of years ago after the crustal movement by the ancient river bed uplift produced gravel mountain, experienced torrential impact, continuous handling of water during the extrusion, friction. In the course of thousands of years of vicissitudes of evolution, they are full of waves of water washed the movement, was gravel collision friction lost irregular edges and corners, and the sand was buried in the underground silence for millions of years. The main chemical composition is silica, followed by a small amount of iron oxide and trace amounts of manganese, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other elements and compounds. They have different colors, such as red for the iron, blue for the copper, purple for the manganese, yellow translucent silica colloidal stone, jade color with green minerals and so on; due to these pigment ions into the oxidation Silicon hydrothermal in the different types and content, which showed a shades of light, changes in depth and color, so that the stone showing a black, white, yellow, red, dark green, gray and other color.

The use of stone

Artificial gemstone is widely used in oil, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection industries, as the reactor catalyst supporting the material and tower packing. It has high temperature and pressure, low water absorption, chemical stability and characteristics. Can withstand acid, alkali and other organic solvents corrosion, and can withstand the production process of temperature changes. Its main role is to increase the gas or liquid distribution point, support and protection of the strength of the catalyst is not high.

Ball of stone

Natural ball stone

Features: high hardness, good toughness, low wear Is the best domestic quality stone ball. Specifications: 3-19 cm, mainly used for grinding ceramic raw materials and quartz sand (powder).

Wear-resistant alumina ball stone wear-resistant alumina ball with high-quality selection of raw materials, advanced molding technology, after high-temperature tunnel kiln calcined. Products with high density, high hardness, low wear, good seismic stability, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, is the glaze, blank and a variety of mineral processing the best grinding media. Products are widely used in ceramics, cement, coatings, refractories, inorganic mineral powder and other industries.

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