BAM-1020 accepted as Australian Standard


Source: Ecotech Pty Ltd

Ecotech and MetOne announce BAM-1020 inclusion to Australian standards. Ecotech Pty. Ltd. and MetOne Instruments Incorporated are pleased to announce that the BAM-1020 has been approved under Australian Standard AS/NZS 3580.9.11.2008 for the determination of particulate matter, PM10, using Beta attenuation.

The BAM-1020 is the currently the only instrument available on the market that has both Australian certification for PM10 and U.S. EPA certification for PM10 and PM2.5.

Met One Instruments recently made history by becoming the first manufacturer to be awarded U.S. EPA Class III equivalency designation for a continuous PM2.5 particulate monitor. This designation was awarded only after the completion of extensive instrument testing in North America under a variety of conditions. In addition to Australian and USEPA approvals, the MetOne BAM-1020 also holds the following international endorsements:

• PM10 measurement EQUIVALENT METHOD EQPM-0798-122
• PM2.5 BAM-1020 PM2.5 FEM designation application approved by the U.S. EPA EQPM-0308-170. The BAM1020 is the only monitor which has U.S. EPA approval for both PM10 as well as PM2.5
• EN12341 TÜV Rheinland With smart heater ( report 936/21205333/B)
• German Suitability test TÜV Rhineland (report 936/21205333/A)
• British EU Designation non heated model (report BV/AQ/AD202209/DH/2396)
• CENT/TC 264/WG 15 Field Validation Program PM2.5 CAM in California
Advantages of Using the BAM-1020 real time PM10 or PM2.5 for particulate/dust monitoring include:
• Lower carbon footprint (75% energy saving compared to TEOM 1400A/B)
• Fewer visits to the monitoring site to change collection media. Collection tapes typically require replacement once every two months during bush fires or other high particulate load events. Other particulate monitors can require more frequent collection media changes.
• Only one flow channel reduces instrument calibration time.
• Automatic span and zero checks every each hour
• No negative data due to particulate loading on filter media (new tape is used every hour)
• Minimises volatile losses due to use of new filter media every hour
• Safety - the BAM 1020 uses a safe beta emitter source (C-14) which is a naturally occurring radio isotope.

Met One is distributed exclusively in Australia by Ecotech.

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