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Met One Instruments, Inc.

BAM-1020 continuous particulate monitor awarded USEPA class III designation.


Source: Met One Instruments, Inc.

Met One Instruments has become the first instrument manufacturer ever to successfully be awarded USEPA Class III equivalency designation for a continuous PM-2.5 particulate monitor. The BAM-1020 beta attenuation mass monitor has been assigned USEPA designation EQPM-0308-170, notice of which was published in the US Federal Register on March 12, 2008.

The implication of this achievement is very significant as it will allow state, local and tribal air monitoring agencies currently performing PM-2.5 surveillance using conventional samplers for regulatory enforcement purposes to replace these samplers with the BAM 1020. Manual samplers for PM-2.5, which typically are operated on one-in-three or one-in-six day sampling schedules in which results were often not known for weeks or months after the event, may now be replaced with the BAM-1020 monitor.

The BAM 1020 monitor produces reliable, accurate, continuous, hourly results in real time. Elevated PM-2.5 events can be determined as they occur (instead of weeks after the fact), which will allow government officials to take timely mitigating action. Daily (vs. one-in-six day) PM 2.5 averages will be available and network operational costs may be substantially reduced.

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