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BAM1020 particulate monitors receive new MCERTS certificates


Source: Enviro Technology Services Ltd

Air quality monitoring specialist, Enviro Technology Services is pleased to announce new MCERTS Product Conformity Certificates for its popular automatic particulate monitor, the BAM1020.

The Smart Heated PM2.5 model received certification on the 14th  February 2014 and is certified up to the 5th December 2018 and the Smart Heated PM10 model was certified on the 1st August 2014, running until 31st July 2019.

Both models of the BAM1020 are listed on the MCERTS website as Defra Approved and are certified in accordance with the latest MCERTS Performance Standards for Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Version 8.0, dated June 2012.

When operated in accordance with the QA/QC procedures detailed on the MCERTS certificates (as prescribed in EN12341:2014) both the PM10 and PM2.5 BAMS fully meet the EU equivalency criteria.

ET’s Duncan Mounsor explains “we are pleased to have the latest MCERTS certificates for the BAM1020 and are keen for customers, advisors and all those working in the world of air quality to know the exact status of these approvals and that the BAM1020, whether for PM10 or PM2.5 fully meets all current and future standards up to 2019”.

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