BARCELONA Chooses Contenur Litter Bins


Barcelona City Council and Contenur have embarked upon a new project to design, supply and install a new version of the Contenur Barcelona litter bin.

The companies responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the city wish to provide citizens with a high capacity litter bin in the Portal de l'Àngel, Cathedral and Gothic Quarter areas. These are areas with high pedestrian traffic and as such require larger litter bins than the existing 90 l units, since overflowing bins give a poor impression and adversely affect the appearance of the area.

In light of these requirements, Contenur has designed a new version of the Barcelona 220 l capacity litter bin in partnership with the industrial designer Toni Clariana, keeping the design practically unchanged with respect to the previously installed units in order to avoid breaking the harmony of the urban environment.      


Barcelona City council has chosen a double basket design, keeping the circular contours and the ease of emptying of the Barcelona range. In spite of being a double basket high-volume litter bin, it can be easily removed to facilitate handling and emptying tasks for maintenance staff.


Barcelona has always stood out as a modern and innovative city with cutting edge, practical installations in terms of urban design. The City Council has entrusted Contenur with making Barcelona a cleaner city.

Contenur is a market leader in Catalonia, designing products that meet its customers’ requirements and take citizens’ needs into account.


Designed for installation in typical urban surroundings, gardens, promenades, etc., the Barcelona litter bin is a robust litter bin with an elegant appearance.

The basket is made of 1.5 mm thick perforated steel plate , reinforced with two 30 x 15 x 1.5 mm oval profile tubes on the upper and lower parts, and a lateral locking bolt. The support is made with a 60 x 20 x 1.5 mm thick oval profile tubular steel structure. It has been manufactured using an special treatment against oxidation by means of cataphoresis, ensuring the absence of possible corrosion points caused by welded seams, drill holes, etc. It then receives a powdered polyester finish, applied by robot with automatic oven-hardening.


The fastening system consists of a metal vandalproof support that fits in perfectly with the design of the unit and allows easy attachment to the pavement using universal expansion bolts. To prevent undesired handling, it has been equipped with a locking system using a standard key.


Contenur follows procedures in the design and production process based on standard UNE EN ISO 9001, and the environmental management system possesses the UNE EN ISO 14001 certificate.


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