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Barnsley council caught dropping off scrap at an illegally-run transfer yard


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Members of staff from Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council have been caught dropping off scrap metal at an illegally-run transfer yard.

Electrical recycling firm C Soar and Sons operations manager Dale Evans told MRW that his staff had witnessed council workers dropping off scrap metal and beer kegs in a council van at a travellers site on Tank Row, Stairfoot, Barnsley. Members of staff from C Soar and Sons took a registration number of the van.

The travellers site is based adjacent to C Soar and Sons and Evans said that travellers had been based there for a period of 12 months and had been using the site as a transfer yard. He added that a total of eight to ten caravans presided on the site.

He said: “They have put a hand written sign outside their site stating ‘scrap wanted’. They take in scrap like old washing machines from the public. But we have seen the local council dropping material straight off the back of their van.

“This does not affect us personally but what is happening it is not right and should not be happening.”

Evans said that the travellers’ site already had problems with fly tipping and illegal dumping and that he had reported the matter to the Environment Agency, the council and neighbourhood services but “nobody seems to be doing anything about it”.

Evans wrote a letter [February 1] to Barnsley Council waste services asking why the council’s own staff were dropping scrap metal off illegally.

In the letter to the council, viewed by MRW, Evans critically states: “Surely the council has a better recycling policy than dealing with the local travelling community. It is sad and annoying that our own borough council are not prepared to deal with a licensed and authorised scrap metal dealer with regards to the disposal of redundant material.

“The council has a duty of care to ensure that sort of thing doesn’t happen and shouldn’t be dealing with companies or individuals who are operating illegally and avoiding the costs and measures to protect the environment, it is bad enough that the general public are delivering waste to this site!”

Evans said he got a response from the council’s waste service section stating the van belonged to the neighbourhood services section and has yet to hear back from them.

“It’s an eyesore for us to view eight to ten caravans. Not only that, we are getting all the rubbish that comes with it.”

In response to Evans’ claims, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council Neighbourhood Services assistant director Derek Williams said: “We are grateful to Mr Evans for bringing this matter to our attention. We are taking this alleged incident very seriously and an internal investigation will take place. We are unable to comment further at this stage.”

Barnsley council caught dropping off scrap at an illegally-run transfer yard

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