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Barr builds largest marine tank in 15 years


Source: BARR Plastics Inc.

Abbotsford -- The custom fabrication department at BARR Plastics Inc. has completed a notable project to manufacture the largest plastic marine wastewater holding tank in the company’s manufacturing history.

Measuring 20 feet long, six feet wide and four feet deep with a capacity of 3,500 gallons, the tank was built to be installed into a barge for the marine construction and repair company, Latitude Marine Services. Since a new law passed preventing ships from dumping their wastewater into the ocean, the barge tank will serve as means for smaller ships to unload their own full tanks into.

A senior plastic welder and fabricator at BARR Plastics Inc. completed the labour-intensive project within one month using advanced extrusion welding equipment to bond thermoplastic copolymer materials into the custom tank shape. A large number of structural baffles were also installed inside to reinforce the tank and stabilize liquids when in transport.

Once completed, the tank was filled with water and underwent a 10 foot head pressure test, proving its high strength and durability well above operating limits.

“The team at BARR was great to work with,” says Patrick Gudmundson, president of Latitude Marine Services. He went on to explain BARR’s attention to detail in making sure the tank drawings Latitude presented matched the requirements for the rest of the barge project. “Our customer indicated there would be more of these facilities built and we will return to BARR for the tanks,” says Gudmundson.

Since first opening their 6,000 square-foot custom fabrication facility in 1998, BARR’s largest enclosed tank built to date was an estimated 1,800 gallons. In consideration of this recent marine tank project of 3,500 gallons, BARR’s senior fabricator says, “It is definitely a big accomplishment.”

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