Base on the principle


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Sinorock is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality, high performance threaded anchor bolt products used in highway construction, energy production and transmission, pole and pylon signage, towers, mechanical, waterworks and other piping, residential foundation, commercial tilt wall and general construction, plumbing, electrical, OEM trailer and other applications.

Base on the principle 'Quality and Service in advance', we strive to provide the highest quality, most innovative and cost-efficient anchor bolts and services. Our products are widely used in many projects of tunnels, mining, subway, high-speed rail, railways, Soil Nails, Micropiles, highways and hydropower stations, with good popularity and quality.

Sinorock understands the importance of materials and corrosion resistance in today’s construction requirements. Sinorock also offers custom manufacturing for your special requirements. Our manufacturing capabilities include cutting, threading, bending, chamfering, punching, drilling and welding.

Thanks for your visit. If you are in need of our anchor bolts, we welcome you to try our products. We are certain you will be satisfied with our equipment, and we look forward to working with you. For ordering and inquiries, please contact us at our website.

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