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Base Structures completes on site at Newhaven ERF


Source: Base Structures Ltd

June 2011 -- Base Structures were employed by the main contractor Hochtief, to design, manufacture and install the fabric mesh cladding to the ¼ sphere end of the Newhaven Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) building where the main condenser coolers are situated.

A woven 50% open, steel and PVC mesh fabric was specified for the cladding by the architect as it allows sufficient airflow to ensure the external plant can perform its cooling duties, provides a degree of protection to the exposed plant from environmental elements (wind and snow) and yet satisfactorily obscures it from view.

The new build facility which is being constructed for the waste handling company Veolia, is a conventional twin moving grate incinerator. The Environment Agency report that the Best Available Techniques are being incorporated across the project but have stipulated that a periodic review of new technologies must be carried out every 6 to 8 years.

The facility is being built specifically to incinerate household waste that has not been previously sorted for reuse, composting or recycling, to generate electricity.

The process has the capacity to handle 210,000 tonnes of waste a year, a level that is set purposely below the total amount of household waste generated in the region to ensure that new recycling initiatives are not compromised.


Customer comments

  1. By Sisco Durbin on

    I live in the area - and plus thousands of switched on local residents objected to this out of date waste to energy processing incinerator who pleaded with the ESCC build a totally automatic waste seperation plants located at Hastings Crowborough and Beddinham,Lewes that removed all reclaimable items and converted cellulosic waste to a high density bio-fuel for combustion in a multi-megawatt CHP plant. The cost of the three plants would have been less than the massburn incinerator - be totally Kyoto compliant and produce less than 8% by weight bottom ash against little less than 26% from incineration. PLUS the benefit that waste collection vehicles would have far less distance to travel;thus ensuring fuel savings, cash savings and not least - far less exhaust atmospheric pollution. The end result now is a travesty.

  2. By Jon Morris on

    Good afternoon Mr Smith, I was perusing your web site when I came across the Newhaven ERF. This could solve an ongoing problem for me. I have several chickens at the bottom of my garden and two of them are quite elderly , (as I am). The problem is after a moderate wind I have to keep picking them up and my wife has to keep picking me up. Do you think Ferrari Stamisol would reduce the wind enough if made into a 4mtr x 4mtr cage. I look forward to your reply. Mr R Challingsworth. PS The old chickens are about 1kg each.