Baseline-MOCON’s New PetroAlert Gas Analyzer Offers Improvements In Speed And Accuracy For Mud Logging Applications


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Lyons, CO — Baseline-MOCON, Inc., a subsidiary of MOCON, presents its new PetroAlert™ Model 8900 gas analyzer for oil and gas mud logging applications.

Since accuracy, speed, sensitivity and reliability are all critical for decision-making in oil and gas exploration, Baseline-MOCON engineers have designed the PetroAlert gas analyzer to address those issues. The unit combines the selectivity of gas chromatography with the sensitivity and broad dynamic range of a flame ionization detector (FID).

The end result is a faster and more accurate analysis of C1-C5 (methane, ethane, propane, butanes and pentanes) hydrocarbons. (Readings are taken every 60 seconds.) The unit displays detection measurements in ranges of parts per million to percent levels. This gives oil and gas companies more precise data to make accurate drilling decisions in real time.

Additionally, unlike other units on the market, the PetroAlert Model 8900 has the ability to detect low concentrations of heavier hydrocarbons in the presence of large concentrations of methane. (Methane has the tendency to mask these heavier hydrocarbons, making them difficult to detect with less sensitive instrumentation.) State-of-the art engineering gives PetroAlert users a wider dynamic range vs. competitive units—as much as a 90% improvement.

“Because the industry is moving toward deep well exploration, it has become even more critical to rely on state-of-the-art instrumentation. The PetroAlert 8900 produces fast and accurate results which, in turn, help to minimize exploration expenses,” says Robert Forsberg, president, Baseline-MOCON.

The PetroAlert Model 8900 automates several other functions including: restart for unattended operations, zeroing for long-term stability, FID ignition, hydrogen and combustion air shut-off for maximum safety and calibration to known standard. It also offers electronic support for gas regulation, user selectable analog output ranges, concentration and diagnostic alarm relays and an optional Local Area Network (LAN) interface.

Baseline-MOCON has a long history of delivering rugged, dependable instrumentation to the mud logging industry for oil and gas exploration. Its units incorporate reliable FID technology which eliminates false readings caused by other gases such as CO2 and moisture.

Baseline-MOCON, Inc., first established in 1969 as Baseline Industries Incorporated, was acquired by MOCON in 2001. Baseline-MOCON is known as an industry leader in the development and manufacture of gas analyzers. The company’s analyzers employ several principals of gas analysis and detection technology, including gas chromatography and continuous monitors based on flame ionization and photoionization detectors.

The product line also includes a variety of complimentary products such as multipoint samplers, calibration systems, sample conditioners, support gas generators, and data acquisition systems. Designed for optimum reliability, compactness and operational simplicity, Baseline products meet the growing demand for environmental, industrial hygiene and safety, mud logging during oil and gas exploration, and industrial gas analysis.

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