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BASF resin product used in filtration device


Source: Energy Saving Trust

A BASF polyethersulfone resin product has been utilised in a new water filtration product from disease control equipment company Vestergaard Frandsen.

The Swiss-based firm has selected BASF's Ultrason E 6020 P resin to manufacture key filter membranes in the LifeStraw Family device, a portable filtration device designed for purifying water in areas stricken by poverty or natural disaster.

BASF claims that Ultrason E was selected as the construction material for the membranes due the precision of control offered over the pore size of the resin, making it well-suited to exact definitions of filter characteristics.

It is hoped that the LifeStraw product, the efficacy of which has been ratified by the US Environmental Protection Agency, can now be put into use in disadvantaged areas in order to curb the rates of fatality from diseases relating to water impurity.

Earlier this week, BASF received approval from China's central government on its plans to expand its chemical site in Nanjing, a joint venture between the chemical company and Sinopec.

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