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BASIC 355: the new butt welding machine for pipes


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RITMO S.P.A. presents 'BASIC 355', the new butt welding machine for pipes and joints in HDPE, PP, PB, PVDF.

The 'BASIC 355' is distinguished by the excellent quality – price ratio, while maintaining reliability, precision and ease of use, along with RITMO’s standards. With the 'BASIC 355', RITMO makes its machines and work philosophy available to everyone!

BASIC 355 is able to weld fittings such as elbows, tees, Y-branches and flange necks without any additional equipment by simply fixing the clamps’ drag bar.

BASIC 355 includes:

• Machine Body with 4 clamps and 2 hydraulic cylinders with
fast non-drip couplings;
• Extractable Heating plate with DIGITAL DRAGON, high -
precision electronic thermo-regulator;
• Extractable milling cutter, with safety micro-switch;
• Electro-hydraulic gearcase, with a clamp opening and
closing lever;
• Hydraulic hoses with non – drip quick couplings.

Standard set includes inserts from Ø 125 to 315 mm with 250 mm Master adapters.
Available on request: tool for flange necks.

Working range - 125 ÷ 355 mm
Power supply - 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Total absorbed power - 5800 W
Working temperature - 180 ÷ 280°C
Weight only body machines - 150 Kg

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