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Basic reasons contractors should use surface protections films on their projects


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The victory comes for being remembered for the excellent work that was performed for the customer, not the contant reminder of the damage that was left behind.

  1. Today's surface protection films (plastic sheeting/ polyethylene films) are inexpensive insurance against damaging customer's surfaces within work areas, reducing the amount of additional work and time spent repairing damaged surfaces.
  2. Clean-upon job sites is a small fraction of the time when proper surface protection is used, especially when coupled with containment of the work area to keep the mess and dust to a minimal area. Tacky door mats can also be used just outside of the contained area, so any debris from the work area is not tracked into clean areas.
  3. Probably the number one reason to use surface protection is the increase in customer satisfaction that takes place when the customers see how much the contractor cares about the customer's property. This is hard to measure in dollars and cents, but the increase in referrals is not so hard to measure.
  4. Contractors save time and moneyon the job sites by using these measures. Workers tend to be more careful, realizing that someone has taken these steps to make sure the job site is kept in perfect condition, which also tends to make subs do a better job within these job sites. The quality of the workmanship actually increases in many cases, because the psychology changes within the work area.
  5. When workers are enclosed with a containment, there are fewer distractions, so they tend to concentrate on what they are doing, rather than looking at everything going on outside of their work area.
  6. The contractor's reputation and bottom line are the two things most affected by using good surface protection means. The surface protection protects the bottom line, and keeps the profit in the project. The contractor's reputation increases every time an extremely happy customer has a successful project they can build upon.
  7. Makes it much easier to get that final payment from customers. Much less chance of little things holding up the final payment. How many times has that happened to you?

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