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Battery manufacturers disappointed by Government recycling proposals


Source: Materials Recycling Week

The British Battery Manufacturers Association is dismayed about the cost and complexity of the Government’s proposals for the collection and recycling of household batteries.

BBMA director Warwick Smith said: “The Government’s proposals just don’t add up, particularly during a recession. Batteries are a small but vital part of household expenditure and, by the Government’s own account, have a minimal effect on the environment.”

The Government launched proposals for battery regulations in a consultation document before Christmas setting out producer responsibility plans (see MRW story).

Smith said: “At a time when many hard working families are facing an uncertain future, it is crucially important that the plans for dealing with small batteries are proportionate, simple and cost effective. The Government’s proposals, sadly, are just the opposite, and are wholly disproportionate. In fact the Government’s own assessment of the proposed legislation show it to be ridiculously expensive. By some calculations, 45 times as costly for producers of batteries as for producers of washing machines - a cost that, at the end of the day, will be borne by families and businesses.

“The proposals are wholly out of kilter with the Government’s response to the recession. We will be pressing the Government to bring their plans back into the real world of 2009.”

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