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Battery recycling Powered by London Recycling Limited


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London Recycling Limited continues to generate awareness about recycling and waste management whilst helping to reduce landfill contamination by providing yet another useful service, battery recycling for your office. EU legislation for battery recycling will be transposed into U.K law by September 26th 2008 and this move is set to encourage even more businesses to help achieve higher collection rates for batteries and accumulators.

With an array of attractive containers and capacities to choose from including eye-catching, transparent and freestanding tubes to the more sturdy 35kg caddy option, there’s a container to suit any office or site environment. When your caddy is full a telephone call into LRL’s offices is all that is required. Fully trained staff will come and collect your batteries and return your empty caddy ready for further collections. As part of its commitment to recycling awareness in business, LRL produces attractive yet thought provoking A3 sized posters on various recyclable items including batteries, aluminium cans, paper, glass, plastic and electrical goods.

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