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BaySaver Moves to Expand Distribution Network


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(Mount Airy, Maryland) January 10, 2011 – BaySaver Technologies Inc, a leading provider of stormwater treatment solutions, has announced their intention to expand their marketing and distribution network beyond their previously exclusive arrangement with Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS).  The announcement was made by Tom Pank, Founder and President of BaySaver Technologies.

 Since September 2008, BaySaver Technologies Inc and ADS have maintained an exclusive marketing agreement whereby ADS was the sole sales and marketing arm for all BaySaver Technologies, Inc. products.  Today’s announcement outlines an adjustment to that arrangement.

 “In 2006, I introduced the BayFilter system and the market response was very encouraging; there was definitely a huge need for this technology in the Stormwater market.  Our partnership with ADS has helped both companies achieve their respective objectives.  Now, however, we have reached a juncture where it no longer makes sense to limit the availability of BaySaver products.”


BaySaver has always been committed to providing innovative, effective technology and the best overall value to the market.  This new direction is an opportunity to better serve our customers by offering our technology through an increased number of distributors.  Contractors and Consulting Engineers will benefit by having a greater choice of product           


Distributors of stormwater quality products who are interested in adding BaySaver products to their line card are encouraged to contact us directly.


ADS will continue to offer BaySaver products to their distributors on a non-exclusive basis.

About BaySaver Technologies, Inc.


BaySaver Technologies® is one of the world’s leading providers of stormwater treatment solutions, offering system design, technical advice, education, and products that separate and filter pollution from stormwater.  BaySeparator™ and BayFilter™ are flagship products providing the best value per treated CFS in the industry.  BaySaver is committed to providing highly efficient technology – with cost-effective long term maintainability.  BaySaver Technologies® assists in the compliance of all federally mandated regulations set by Phases I and II of the Clean Water Act, where municipalities are required to remove pollutants such as trash, oils, and sediments from stormwater.


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