BBA Pumps Produces the Largest Non-return Valve in its History


Source: BBA Pumps

Many of our users may not know, but in 1953 BBA Pumps was originally founded as a manufacturer of pipe material. Today - more than sixty years and thousands of kilometers of piping later - we are still active in this product group.

As our pump sets continually get larger in size and capacity, the connected pipe material and accessories need to also match this growth. As a result of which BBA Pumps has recently manufactured the largest return valve in its history.

Depending on the pump installation, the DN800 hot dipped galvanised non-return valve can handle a capacity towards 10 000 m3/h! The valve is reinforced with steel ribbing so that the working pressure is guaranteed up to 50 mwc (70 PSI).

Technical specifications:

Material – hot dip galvanised steel
DN800 PN10 flanges
Dry weight 2200 kg
Maximum Working pressure 50 mwc (70 PSI)
Lifting through four eyes

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