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BCR Environmental, State and Local Officials Open Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Facility


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Neutralizer® Solution at Haines City Facility Creates Renewable Product from Organic Waste

HAINES CITY, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- BCR Environmental today joined state and local officials in commissioning its industry-revolutionizing Neutralizer facility at the Haines City Wastewater Treatment Facility. This sustainable plant, developed in partnership with Haines City, recycles organic waste to produce a natural, high-quality product for agriculture use. The system was retrofitted into the existing treatment plant and allows the city to recycle wastewater residuals while reducing operational costs, energy consumption and the overall carbon footprint of the facility.

“Today, we acknowledge the partnership between private business and government to produce a greener approach to wastewater treatment,” Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Adam Putnam, who was unable to attend, said in a letter to attendees. “This partnership will result in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meet energy efficient goals while serving the needs of a growing community like Haines City. I applaud the opening of this new wastewater treatment facility and hope many more like it open in our state.”

Pamala Vazquez, interim director for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Southwest Region, said DEP fully supports the development of a sustainable product that helps municipalities meet public health and safety requirements.

“Cities across our state are challenged to find better, more environmentally responsible means of treating and disposing of wastewater residuals,” said Vazquez. “Today’s opening of an organic waste treatment system in Haines City offers a solution to that challenge by safely reutilizing these biosolids.”

By upgrading to the Neutralizer solution, Haines City will meet regulatory requirements for wastewater treatment, save $100,000 annually in operating costs, avoid $2.7 million in capital expenditures, reduce the amount of material disposed of in landfills and become a municipality that is leading the way in a progressive approach to wastewater treatment.

“With BCR’s Neutralizer system, we will reduce energy consumption and waste hauling costs and we will lessen our impact on the environment,” said Haines City Mayor Joanna Wilkinson. “That’s something of which all Haines City residents can be proud.”

BCR’s installation at the Haines City facility is its seventh in Florida. Statewide, BCR’s technology is reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 660 metric tons annually, which is the equivalent of what is produced by approximately 130 cars. Additionally, its systems have eliminated 16,500 metric tons of waste from landfills and removed 4,500 sludge-hauling trucks from local roads.

“BCR is built on the principle that in order to be sustainable, organic waste treatment must be simple, economically viable and environmentally responsible,” said Aaron Zahn, president and CEO for BCR. “Traditionally, treatment of wastewater into a reusable, organic product was something that was only available to large, well-capitalized communities. BCR’s technology and approach to business allows small-to-medium communities, such as Haines City, to be innovative and save money, while reducing their impact on the environment and regulatory risks.”


Solid wastewater treatment residuals, commonly referred to as biosolids or treated sewage sludge, are a common and continually replenishing material that all communities produce and must manage on an ongoing basis. In the United States, more than 7 million tons are produced each year. BCR’s Neutralizer solution is a sustainable, low-energy and cost-effective solution to wastewater treatment, saving communities money and reducing the carbon footprint of wastewater treatment.


BCR Environmental is a Florida-based clean solutions provider focused on the wastewater treatment industry. BCR’s patented, industry-revolutionizing organic waste treatment solutions reduce required infrastructure and produce nutrient-rich, restorative, beneficial end products. For more information, visit www.bcrenv.com or follow BCR at www.twitter.com/bcrenv.



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