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BD|SENSORS believes in tested quality and appreciates the extension of its ISO 9001 certificate


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Tested quality pressure and level measurements

Proof of competency and performance has pride of place at BD|SENSORS, a company specializing on the manufacture of instruments for electronic pressure and level measurement. This is why the company has for 20 years already been certified under the international ISO 9001 standard, a certification that was recently renewed for a further two years. This international standard offers manufacturers proof of high-quality production.

Many years ago BD|SENSORS, as an internationally successful company in the field of pressure and hydrostatic level measurement, decided to obtain certification under the ISO 9001 quality management system:

  • The system certifies the capacity to implement quality management compliant with internationally recognized criteria.
  • ISO 9001 promotes customer orientation and increases the satisfaction of the company’s customers.
  • It also ensures more efficient deployment of resources and increased legal certainty.
  • ISO 9001 offers additional incentive and motivation to our competent staff contingent.

ISO 9001 certification is proof that BD|SENSORS is well prepared for the demands put to it by industry and offers us the opportunity of participating in the development of know-how within the global “ISO 9001 community”. The standard represents one of the many legs our company excellence is based on and the guideline for our successful corporate policy, defined to fully satisfy the desires and needs of our customers.

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