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`Be Seen on the Green Scene: Calling all Companies`


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Companies who believe they have something unique to offer to the environment are encouraged to enter the 2007 Green Awards. Has your campaign done something outstanding to communicate the urgency of the threat of climate change? Has public awareness been boosted by your creative campaign, or have you managed to stimulate peoples' curiosity to find out more about ways of reducing their emissions?

There is a growing domination of brands within the public arena, and growing awareness that not all that lies behind the label is responsible – or responsive to the needs of sustainable development: the onus is now on brands to prove their pledges to the discerning consumer. With green issues taking to the main stage, both metaphorically within society and literally at the Live Earth festival, it is time to align your company with the fastest growing movement on the planet: the movement for the planet.To be eligible for the Awards, you must be able to provide examples of work that have been previously published commercially, or been produced in connection with a marketing campaign. The deadline for submissions is 31st  August  2007, so get those creative juices flowing and come and join the green revolution.

Judges signed up for this year include John Elkington, chief entrepreneur of 'Sustainability' and the Chair is Eric Falt, Director of Communications and Public Information at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), who commented: 'In my view, what is happening is nothing short of a watershed; a fast growing number of companies are truly imparting environmental values on their employees, transforming their products, and advertisers are using sustainability to get a market edge. This is a driving force that we need to encourage and nurture. It is only through collective awareness that we will tackle the threat of climate change.'  Be a part, not apart.

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