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BeachTech 2800 “Green Version”: reliable performance, better price


Source: Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG

The new “Green Version” of the BeachTech 2800 still has all the outstanding performance and “best-in-class” features known from BeachTech, while providing a more economical option for tight budgets.

The appealing high end silver side panels have been removed and are nowadays provided as an optional feature, reducing our manufacturing cost. BeachTech will now pass these cost savings directly to the customer.

Being a world market leader in our various product lines, Kässbohrer has always taken great pride at being on the forefront of technological improvements. Whether it is our commitment to, and certification of, the ISO manufacturing standards, or our implementation of eco-friendly practices, we are continually striving for improvement in every area; our current focus is to reduce the carbon footprint of our machines and manufacturing process. As a result, with the new lower production costs on the beach cleaning model BeachTech 2800, we can directly show a lower emission footprint, and provide for more environmental protection!

We at BeachTech realize that the side panels offer protection of the screening belt against the wind, and that there are customers who will still demand this feature, so if this is the case, nothing will change for you, the panels are still available and provided for you.

Another feature, also available for the “Green Version” of the BeachTech 2800, is the screen compensation system. With this new feature, we have been able to extend the service interval for shortening the screening belt; potentially allowing for the screen to only need tightening once per season!

The BeachTech 2800 combines the advantages of the BeachTech 3000 with those of the BeachTech 2000, making it the most effective, efficient and economic “best-in-class” beach cleaning machine in the world. Lean and agile like the BeachTech 2000, while at the same time wide and powerful like the BeachTech 3000, the BeachTech 2800 is high tech for beach cleaning.

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