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Source: Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG

A successful season ends in Europe and is about to start in the Southern hemisphere

Laupheim, 10.11.2006. When the business year of the Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG ended on 30 September, the European summer season of 2006 ended as well. It was a successful season that showed that committing to well-tended beaches is very much 'in fashion'.

For many years now, beach operators in Spain, Italy and France have been relying on mechanical beach cleaning. On the beaches of these typical European holiday countries, BeachTech machines have become a familiar sight every morning. Mean-while the responsible beach operators in other countries have come to realize that the tourists are getting more and more demanding – also concerning the quality of the beach.

BeachTech keeps holding its ground in quite a difficult market field, as in many coun-tries political changes and economical adversities have to be overcome. We suc-ceeded in raising our market shares considerably, in Spain to 63 % and in the USA by 7% to 24%. Worldwide, BeachTech is the undisputed market leader with a market share of 33% for machines with a working width of more than 1.50 m.

In the U.S.A., where beach cleaning is the no. 1 issue for every responsible beach operator, BeachTech has been very successful due to its patented and worldwide unique cleaning technique of raking, screening and a combination of both. This has led to a triumph over its main competitor in the states with no less than 10 BeachTech machines sold there this past season!

In Romania, the municipality of Constanza has been searching for a practicable beach cleaning solution for a long time…this year they decided to rent out their beaches for the next 5 years to private companies who are in charge of the beach cleaning, too! Meanwhile there are 8 BeachTech machines in operation along the Black Sea coasts.

Even in some – for beach cleaning 'exotic' countries - such as Russia, Estonia or Bulgaria, BeachTech machines are starting off – for example 5 new machines have been sold in the growing market of India this year.

Several factors are responsible for this success: the convincing cleaning concept, the reliable technology, the low consumption of spare parts and the worldwide service net that guarantees a speedy distribution of parts into more than 40 countries.

Operation and service of the vehicles are made easy by technical optimizations: for example, all new machines are now equipped with maintenance-free bearings for the screening cassette.

BeachTech cleans the most different kinds of beaches in a gentle, efficient and reli-able way and therefore provides an optimum of cleanness. No matter if the beach is wet or dry, whether the ground is hard or very soft - due to its patented, worldwide unique screening, raking and mix technique - BeachTech is able to clean every sort of beach: the dirty sand is being picked up, a vibrating screening belt separates the litter from the sand. The litter is transported into the integrated collection hopper, whereas the sand falls back to where it belongs: onto the beach.

The result is a soft and inviting beach for a carefree vacation. Because only satisfied tourists will return!

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