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Beacon Environmental Services Introduces BESURE Sample Collection Kit™


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Bel Air, MD -- Beacon Environmental Services, the international leader in soil gas surveys and vapor intrusion monitoring, introduces their proprietary BESURE Sample Collection Kit™. Unrivalled in its ease-of-use and reliability, the kits are custom packaged for each project to include samplers and all the hand tools and materials a client needs to conduct on-site sampling – providing a fast, economical alternative to sample collection. The BESURE Kit™ is well-organized and easy to use, with clear instructions to sample for organic contaminants in soil, groundwater, soil gas, or ambient air.

Following sample collection, the samplers are returned to Beacon Environmental’s laboratory under strict chain-of-custody procedures in individual containers with a unique sample ID. Analyses of the samples are performed following strict EPA methods with the highest level of QA/QC procedures offered in the industry. Data are reported to the client typically in less than five business days and comprehensive survey reports are provided that include color isopleth maps showing the distribution of contaminants identified in the survey.

A national environmental consultant that used the BESURE Sample Collection Kit™ said: “The soil-gas data was dead on. All of the confirmatory samples collected inside of the contour lines had hits, and all samples collected outside the line were non-detects. We were able to reduce the number of initially planned soil borings by 80%, which equated to a cost savings of over $75,000.”

The President of the company, Harry O’Neill, and Laboratory Director Steve Thornley each bring over 15 years experience to client projects, including experience in characterizing sites for organic contaminants using innovative sampling technologies. Mr. O’Neill was on the forefront of the acceptance of passive soil gas sampling technologies at the national and international level and has reviewed data from thousands of soil gas surveys. Beacon Environmental’s experienced professionals have perfected the sampling and analytical procedures that provide accurate, reliable and defensible data, which is now offered to clients as the BESURE Sample Collection Kit™.

Beacon Environmental provides full service support to environmental professionals across the country and around the world. Since 1991, the professionals of the Company have supported environmental consultants and managers on thousands of projects for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DoE), state agencies and commercial clients nationwide and around the world.

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