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BearAcade sticky poly, the newest technology for abatement or containment of asbestos, lead, and mold has been granted a patent by the United States Patent Office effective October 26, 2010. The patent covers both the self-adhesive poly and the method of creating a containment with BearAcade.


BearAcade was created to make the process of creating an airtight containment easier and faster than using the conventional method of Duct Tape and poly. Using BearAcade sticky poly, the containment goes up 10 times faster with no breaches since the liquid is trapped or problems with billowing because the poly is adhered to the surface. Used in conjunction with the applicators, the need for ladders or spending time on your knees is greatly reduced. These are some of the reasons that the US Patent Office found BearAcade to be unique enough to issue a patent.


BearAcade is offered exclusively by Americover, Inc. and is marked clearly on the poly with the BearAcade logo.


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For more information about BearAcade sticky poly, please call Linda Gaudet at 800-747-6095, ext. 17 or email Linda at


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