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Source: Enviro Technology Services Ltd

Untitled Document All waste incinerator operatives have just five months to sort out their reporting software before the Waste Incineration Directive comes into force on 28 December 2005.

Air quality experts Enviro Technology Services are offering an innovative ReporterManager software package that will both remove the stress of producing reports and comply to the letter with the new directive and reporting requirements.

Operations Director Duncan Mounsor said: “Without the ReporterManager software companies are faced with a lot of extremely complex data analysis and manual number-crunching – which is both expensive and time-consuming.

“Our software automatically extracts the required data and presents it in the correct format. It allows the operator to report on breaches of limits, parameter changes and abnormal operating conditions,” Duncan explained.

The software can be easily adapted to the client’s needs and generates both basic and summary reports in a variety of formats such as EXCEL spreadsheets, HTML tables, ASCII files, JPEG, GIFF and bitmaps as mean values in 10-minute, 30-minute and hourly intervals, and as daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports.

ReporterManager can also combine data from several monitoring sites and present the data using various selective conditions, and perform multivariate statistical analysis. Data can also be displayed as time series and distribution graphs, scatter plots, period profiles, wind roses and Breuer plots, as well as numerical tables.

“Although developed to operate with OPSIS continuous emission monitoring systems, the ReporterManager software will work alongside any emissions monitoring system,” Duncan said. “It will take the burden out of a complex and lengthy reporting job.”

He added: “We have been incorporating ReporterManager in the plants we already service across the United Kingdom and the feedback has been excellent.”

For a free demonstration of the OPSIS ReporterManager software call Jim Budd on 01453 733239 or send an email

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