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Becoming a Green Realtor® may be too expensive but thousands have become a green real estate professional


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Green Real Estate Education since its inception has become the leader for green certifying and training real estate agents nationwide.

Green Real Estate Education, the leader in green education for those in the real estate sectors will be green certifying and green training up to 10,000 more Realtors® and their affiliates in 2010. The company founded in 2006 began their programs at a time when no one was training the real estate sectors on green initiatives for their own professions. “There were no programs for the real estate agent, training in green building available when we began and we felt this was an important area for these professionals to be educated. After all, they will represent these structures when they come up for sale or lease.” states Kerry Mitchell, President of Green Real Estate Education. Mitchell, who has over 14 years and has completed 400 transactions in her own career, says Realtors® are still having a difficult time. The company says it is unfair to expect these professionals to bear a price of over $100 at a time when they are letting their licenses expire.

Most boards and associations are cutting staff and expecting the members to pay for expensive training as the National Association of Realtors® Green Realtor® training is not working in this economy. Green Real Estate Education has experienced accelerated growth patterns each year having educated over 6,000 with more scheduled through their provider partners. They are pioneers in adult workforce green education directed to a specific audience with a focus on each profession. They have developed a certification for government leaders who need a basic understanding of how to green their governments.

Kerry Mitchell is the founder of Green Real Estate Education The company is scheduled to educate more than 20,000 real estate professionals and their affiliates in going green by 2011. She worked for 14 years as a licensed real estate broker in Maryland and Florida, where she now resides. For more information:

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