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IRIS scheme success!!


Loch Promenade Pumping Station is located on the promenade at Douglas, Isle of Man. Along with another major pumping station at White Hoe, it forms part of a major scheme called IRIS – Integrated Recycling of the Island's Sewage. This represents a huge investment by the island's Government, whereby numerous small treatment plants and pumping stations throughout the island were replaced by a network of pipes and the above two large pumping stations to bring all the island's waste water to one major new treatment works at Meary Veg.


The original scheme was implemented in 2003, using pumps at both of the above stations. However, right from soon after commissioning, both stations were plagued with pump problems – vibration, blocking and mechanical failures. By the middle of 2004, the customer was despairing of the problems with the existing pump manufacturer. Not only were they a problem in themselves, but they were preventing the (politically high profile) IRIS scheme from functioning.

Bedford Pumps were thus approached with a view to replacing the pumps. The ensuing year Bedford replaced all four pumps at White Hoe. This was such a success that over the next two years, the four pumps at Loch Promenade were also replaced by Bedford Pumps, and the customer has since enjoyed trouble free operation.

The pumps installed were DV.25.92.4 at White Hoe, and DV.25.41.04 at Loch Promenade. The Bedford contracts included removal and disposal of the failed pumps, and installation and trial (proving) operation of the new Bedford units. The combined contract values were in excess of half a million pounds.

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