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Before Signing a Property Lease Understand Potential Environmental Problems


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The building consulting experts at EC2 provide indoor air quality (IAQ) and environmental testing services for property leases and transactions.

Woodstock, IL, March 12th, 2012 -- In today’s uncertain real estate market, many people who would otherwise purchase residential or commercial properties are now turning to leasing.  For many, leasing provides them with the flexibility and the ability to move into a property when the market is uncertain and purchase finance options are not always readily available.


It’s important for both landlords and potential tenants to do their homework with regards to potential indoor and outdoor environmental concerns at a property being considered for a lease.  This may include talking with the landlord, researching the building’s prior use and hiring an environmental professional to perform an inspection and possible testing.


Landlords and tenants are bound to deal truthfully when negotiating a lease.  Ask about issues dealing with chemicals, past flooding events, mold, sewage contamination, asbestos, lead, radon and vapor intrusion issues.


Many may also consider hiring an environmental professional to perform a Phase I and II Review.  A Phase I Review involves an extensive research of the history of the location, building and neighborhood.  The Phase II Review involves testing the structure and grounds for any evidence of contamination.  This step in the process can help to either confirm or refute the findings from the initial Phase I Review.  During a Phase II Review the consultant may test the soil, air and groundwater for potential contamination.  This is also the time that indoor testing for mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, chemicals, radon and vapor intrusion issues should be addressed.


One of the leading building science consulting experts in the Midwest that has been on the forefront of helping landlords and tenants address these issues is EC2, Inc.  Ed Chambers, President of EC2, reported, “We have definitely seen an increase in the volume of calls from both potential tenants and landlords dealing with both indoor and outdoor environmental concerns.  Research, investigating and sampling can quickly address these concerns.”


To learn more about indoor air quality (IAQ) and other environmental and building science services, please visit, email or call (815) 703-9000.


About EC2, Inc.

EC2 is a leading provider of environmental consulting and inspection services for customers in the United States.  Based in the Chicago area, the company provides their services to clients ranging from local companies and institutions to international Fortune 500 Corporations.

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