Bekaert Clean Enclosed Burner now used for commercial waste to energy processes


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Marietta, GA -- Agilyx Corporation, the first company to economically convert difficult to recycle waste plastic into synthetic crude oil is building its first commercial waste-to-energy facility in the Upper Midwest. Over the next 6 months, three additional facilities will be installed in the Deep South and the Pacific Northwest.  Each facility will be fitted with a Bekaert CEB 350, which has a maximum thermal capacity of 12 MMBTU/hr.  The CEB 350 will be used to combust a tail gas that is generated by the process.

The Agilyx plant will convert roughly 40 tons of difficult to recycle plastic per day into 240 barrels of synthetic oil,  and will be sold to an oil refinery.  Some hydrocarbons and other waste gases that cannot be recovered are sent to a CEB 350 to be disposed.

The ultra-low emission CEB, with VOC destruction efficiencies of up to 99.99% and NOx emissions of less than 15 ppmv at 3% oxygen (<0.023 lbs./MMBTU), allows the Agilyx technology to be deployed anywhere in the United States and be compliant with any air permitting regulation. This allowed Agilyx to develop one plant layout that could be used anywhere, including within the San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Management District in California. Bekaert Corporation already has six CEB systems installed and operational within the SCAQMD, one of the most stringent air quality management districts in the U.S.  

The CEB 350 has a compact footprint of roughly four feet by four feet by 18 feet tall.  Agilyx has opted to add an extension to the stack, which raises the stack height to 22 feet.  The compact footprint of the CEB allows the Agilyx facility to keep a low profile without any protruding stacks, luminous flames, or smoke.

Bekaert CEB in US Profile

Bekaert Corporation CEB office is located in Marietta, GA. The Clean Enclosed Burner (CEB) product line is a leader in ultra-low emission vapor combustor technology and offers high efficiency within a small footprint. Bekaert’s CEB group is a solutions provider offering design, sell, install and continuing support on all of its units. For more information please feel free to call Max Thomason at (770) 514-2242 or Tim Egan at (770) 514-2208 or visit Bekaert’s website at

Agilyx Corporation Profile

Agilyx is an alternative energy company - the first in the world to economically convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into crude oil through a patented system that is scalable, versatile, and environmentally beneficial. Applying its proprietary technology, Agilyx reduces plastic waste normally destined for landfills, produces refinery-ready crude oil, and creates community and local jobs with its small-scale, distributed waste management and energy production approach. The company’s affordable, modular systems are sold to industrial and municipal waste plastic generators and aggregators looking to reduce disposal-related costs and increase plastics-associated revenues – all while meeting challenging environmental standards, curbing the need for new landfills, and extracting the often-unused and untapped energy contained within waste plastic.  Agilyx has the only known refinery offtake agreement in the industry and currently ships crude oil from its showcase facility in Tigard, Oregon to a refinery in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. For more information, please visit




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