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Bellamy opens sustainability research centre


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Environmentalist Professor David Bellamy has opened a research centre in Cambridgeshire which will look at sustainable living, including reducing food waste.

The Environmental & Global Research Centre, at Swavesey Village Colleges, will run a food waste project funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Government Office for the East of England Natural Resources and Rural Development Team senior adviser Mike Carr said: “Food waste is a massive problem. We throw away 4.4 million untouched apples every day in the UK and in Cambridgeshire around 36% of the waste landfilled is food waste.

'If this waste could be composted, it would significantly reduce the amount going to landfill, which produces the potent greenhouse gas methane, and therefore adds to the impacts of climate change. Also, with the real possibility of global food shortages as the world's population grows, we need to be a lot cleverer about the use of our available food. I am delighted that Swavesey Village College has been able to participate in this project and am looking forward to reading about their results.”

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