Benefits of HART-enabled detectors


The open HART protocol improves the flow of diagnostic information from process instruments including optical flame detectors and combustible/toxic gas detectors.

User benefits of Det-Tronics HART-enabled flame detectors and gas detectors include faster commissioning and enhanced maintenance efficiency. Typical flame and/or gas detector configuration options accessible via HART communications include:

  • Real-time clock setting
  • Selection of calibration-gas types
  • Zero and span gas calibration
  • Optics cleanliness/optical integrity test information
  • Custom descriptor information, such as installed date, by whom, where, and type of gas to be detected

For more information, please read this brief article written by Det-Tronics managers (Dave Opheim and John Jarvis) and recently published in PETRO Industry News. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

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