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Bentley extends design and cost-estimating efficiencies of bently expert designer V8i to support water, gas, and communications projects


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Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure that sustains our world, has extended the functionality of Bentley Expert Designer V8i beyond electric utility networks to include water, gas, and communications infrastructure. As a result, utility owner-operators and engineering contractors can now use the powerful capabilities of Bentley Expert Designer V8i to enhance the efficiency and increase the throughput of other utility network design projects. The software merges network design and work management in a single environment, integrating network modeling, design engineering, and detailed design cost data for a wide range of utility infrastructure to deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget. In addition, because the software’s architecture is GIS and work-management system (WMS) independent, designers and estimators can easily integrate Bentley Expert Designer V8i into existing GIS and graphics environments, including MicroStation V8i, Bentley Electric V8i, Bentley Gas V8i, Bentley Water V8i, GE Energy’s Smallworld, and ESRI’s ArcGIS.

“With Bentley Expert Designer V8i, the return on investment for the owner-operator comes not only from increased project quality, reduced project times, better workflow management, and improved standardization on company-approved equipment and contractors,” said Richard Zambuni, global marketing director for geospatial solutions at Bentley, “but also from the software’s ability to provide highly detailed cost comparisons for each stage of the network build. Moreover, users are able to manage Bentley Expert Designer documentation within the ProjectWise collaboration and engineering content management environment.”

Bentley Expert Designer V8i includes sophisticated functionality for design layout, work-order management, estimating, optimization, structural analysis, job closeout, process measurement, and a detailed audit trail. With the extension of this functionality in the newly released Bentley Expert Designer V8i products, designers and engineers working on water, gas, and communications projects will now benefit from increased design accuracy and the ability to quickly estimate and compare the cost of their designs, which accelerates the project approval process. In addition, because the users of Bentley Expert Designer V8i are working within a single design and work management environment, they will enjoy a shorter learning curve and increased productivity.

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