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Bentley integrates civil engineering and stormwater modeling products to improve workflows


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Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure that sustains our world, today announced the integration of its civil engineering design and stormwater modeling and analysis applications to further enhance workflows and facilitate collaboration. The applications include Bentley’s InRoads, GEOPAK, PowerCivil for North America, MXROAD, CivilStorm, StormCAD, and PondPack products.

Ron Gant, Bentley global marketing director, said, “By integrating our civil engineering design and stormwater management applications, we enable engineers and designers to build geospatially accurate models for analysis, compare various scenarios, and provide clients with the best possible designs. The results of their work can be presented as reports, charts, graphs, or construction drawings, or simply updated in their GIS systems.'

Gant continued, “All of this is accomplished in a single, integrated, highly efficient workflow that empowers better teamwork and lets the users of one group of products leverage the key benefits of another. It’s a workflow that only Bentley can provide.”

With this innovative integration, civil designers can ensure the accurate location of stormwater infrastructure using geometric and digital terrain data and generate 3D visualizations and analysis for clash detection and constructability – all from within Bentley civil products. This allows them to assess the feasibility of their designs early in the project design phase. In addition, with the help of comprehensive terrain modeling, catchment delineation, and site modeling tools, they can maximize the return on their investments in engineering data, such as terrain, elevation, and slope information. At the same time, automated drawing production (a by-product of the modeling, design, and analysis process) increases productivity.

Using the scenario management tools in Bentley’s stormwater products, the drainage team can further analyze and easily compare numerous design proposals within the same project file. This enables them to avoid the confusion that can result when multiple files are created for comparison and enhances productivity. The stormwater products also provide the ability to simulate complex networks to calculate overflow volumes, determine pollution in stormwater systems, and model tidal and tailwater effects and interconnected ponds.

CivilStorm, StormCAD, and PondPack users can work within the PowerCivil for North America, MicroStation, or AutoCAD (with the “For AutoCAD” option) environments or employ each application as a stand-alone product. In addition:

  • from within CivilStorm, they can import/export drainage data such as pipe inverts, pipe diameter, and catchment areas directly from/to InRoads and PowerCivil for North America;
  • from within StormCAD, they can import/export this same type of drainage data directly from/to InRoads, GEOPAK, PowerCivil for North America, and Bentley MXROAD;
  • from within PondPack, they can import/export pond elevation data from/to InRoads and PowerCivil for North America.

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