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Bentley introduces timely value-creative subscription innovations to help sustain the infrastructure professions


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Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure that sustains our world, today announced, at this invitation-only gathering of top users from around the globe, the immediate availability of Country-Level License Pooling and Passport Subscriptions. Country-Level License Pooling, Bentley’s latest SELECT subscription enhancement, expands the benefits of site-level license pooling. Passport Subscriptions provide, for named users, an affordable alternative to perpetual license purchases. The value created by both of these subscription innovations is passed on to the users’ constituents in the form of higher-quality projects delivered in less time and at a lower cost.

Malcolm Walter, Bentley COO, said, “Bentley is committed to being a responsive and proactive business partner with the user organizations we serve. We deliver on this commitment by maximizing the returns users achieve on their software investments, by keeping their project teams productive, and by helping users maintain a strong market advantage. All of Bentley’s existing subscription offerings address and fulfill these objectives. With the inclusion of Country-Level License Pooling in SELECT and the addition of Passport Subscriptions, we now have an even more compelling range of subscription programs to help users in any size organization benefit increasingly from Bentley software, especially now when economic conditions require savvy value creation.”

Bentley’s Country-Level License Pooling offers immediate benefit to user organizations with multiple sites within an individual country. It enables project teams to share software resources across all such sites, affording more efficient asset management and more flexible allocation of project work to dispersed professionals to maximize workforce utilization – a current necessity.

Bentley’s new Passport Subscriptions cater for individual infrastructure practitioners to provide the benefits of “software as a service.” For a single annual fee, a discipline-specific Passport Subscription provides access to the full range of software, training, and content that their project mix typically requires. Subscribing to the appropriate Passport offers an affordable “professional upgrade” in software toolset and skills, for practitioners to quickly make their work more valuable.

Added CEO Greg Bentley, “The release of our Passport Subscriptions culminates Bentley’s year of focus on value creation, in bringing software-as-a-service economic benefits to the infrastructure professions. Bentley Passport Subscriptions empower even individual practitioners to take advantage of world-class information modeling to competitively advance the value of their work. With the Passport Subscription, each professional is provided with all of the software, training, and content that is most likely valuable for his or her discipline’s project mix. Because the annual Passport Subscription fee is an affordable fraction of perpetual license costs, we expect many new adopters who were previously impeded from advancing to information modeling levels of practice, due to upfront cost obstacles. This challenging economic cycle is the perfect time for professionals to begin adding this compelling incremental value ‘stimulus’ to projects, at this unprecedented sustaining cost advantage.”

Bentley Passport Subscriptions offer:

  • An affordable alternative to purchasing combinations of multiple software products (some used relatively infrequently), separate training, and content, thus eliminating cost and budget obstacles, and accelerating economic returns;
  • A wide selection of conveniently configured application suites corresponding to common professional work roles, in each case increasing competitive edge and enabling high-quality project contributions;
  • Unlimited access to Live Training – via virtual classroom – and OnDemand eLearning, speeding time-to-productivity, reducing time out of office, and eliminating travel costs;
  • Self-service or assisted support “24x7x365” from Bentley software experts, whose commitment is to help maintain productivity and to keep projects on schedule;
  • Unlimited access to software upgrades based on project needs throughout the subscription term.

The Bentley Passport Subscriptions currently include:

  • Architect

Architect for Building Design Passport Subscription (immediate availability)

  • Designer

Designer for Piping Passport Subscription (MicroStation or AutoCAD)
Designer for Plant Equipment Passport Subscription (MicroStation or AutoCAD)

  • Engineer

Building Services Engineer for Energy Assessment Passport Subscription (immediate availability)
Civil Engineer for Storm Water Passport Subscription North America (immediate availability)
Civil Engineer for Water Distribution Passport Subscription (immediate availability)
Mechanical Engineer for Building Design Passport Subscription (immediate availability)
Mechanical Engineer for Equipment Design Passport Subscription (MicroStation or AutoCAD)
Mechanical Engineer for Piping Passport Subscription (MicroStation or AutoCAD)
Structural Engineer for Building Design Passport Subscription
Structural Engineer for Plant Design Passport Subscription

  • Mapping Professional

Mapping Specialist for Infrastructure Passport Subscription (immediate availability)

For additional information about Country-Level License Pooling and Bentley Passport Subscriptions, visit or

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