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Benzene Levels Exceed Limits in 12 of the 17 Wells Contaminated in Jackson


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EMSL Analytical provides quality testing services to detect benzene in environmental samples.

EMSL Analytical -- After a massive gas spill in Jackson, WI, 17 private wells have been contaminated with gasoline. Levels of benzene, a gasoline component, in 12 of the wells were found to be higher than the safe drinking water standard of 5 parts per billion established by the federal government.

The pipeline break that occurred on July 17th spilled an estimated 54,600 gallons of gasoline. An excavation of gasoline contaminated soil was completed around the area of the pipe break, and afterwards, a vacuum truck was brought to the site to remove the gasoline that had accumulated in one of the wells.

 Every home that has been affected by the spill has received a 5-gallon water cooler to assure the residents that they have safe drinking water. Affected residents have also been advised to only use their water supply when flushing their toilet. The pipeline company has offered to pay for hotels for anyone who is unable to use their water as a result of the spill.

Exposure to high levels of benzene can cause cancer, specifically leukemia and other blood cell cancers.

“Benzene is a colorless, flammable liquid that gives off a sweet odor,” states Michael Chapman, EMSL Analytical’s Chemistry Laboratory Manager. “EMSL Analytical provides testing services for benzene and other chemicals in environmental samples to avoid harmful exposure.”

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