BEPeterson, Inc. Unveils Filter Pressure Vessel for Rage Bulk Systems


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Avon, MA -- BEPeterson is pleased to announce the shipment of a Filter Pressure Vessel Assembly for the Rage Bulk Corporation, Doylestown, PA. The filter vessel manufactured to ASME code met the design specifications required for Rage Bulk Corporation and the demands of the oil and gas refinery industry. 

BEPeterson supplied a fully assembled and tested main 304L stainless steel filter housing, the accumulator, the dense phase transporter and the external reducing piping section. Included was the PMI testing of the vessel pressure containment parts, the electrical connection for the dense phase separator and the vibratory mounting plate. The filter elements were welded to the Tubesheet assembly. The filter pressure vessel was tested with spot radiography.

Additionally an 8' dia x 33.31' OAL Hastelloy C276 Filter Housing was also supplied.

Since 1935 BEPeterson has set the standard for custom metal fabrication of heavy-gauge metal parts and equipment. BEP has been relied on by our customers to provide complete engineering, design and project management of the most critical components. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and ASME certified. Our 88,000 square foot facility with high ceiling bays is one of the largest in the Northeast. 

BEPeterson is both a high volume contract manufacturer and a custom metal fabricator. BEP utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques and low cost material procurement to supply consistent and repeatable high quality products to customers. 

BEP manufactures Pressure Vessels, Tanks, ASME pressure vessels & tanks, ASME code and non-code vacuum chambers and vacuum furnaces, filter vessels, filter housings, skid assemblies, Co-gen ducting and a variety of industrial metal fabrications. 

Buyers in the power and utilities, medical, chemical, environmental/filtration and industrial marketplaces choose to partner with BEPeterson because they value the fact that BEPeterson offers more than mere fabrication capabilities. BEPeterson can optimize our customer’s requirements for cost, delivery and quality.

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Visit the company's official website or call at (508) 436-7900 and discover more about the manufactures pressure vessel for TG Gallagher. BEPeterson ships its machines to hundreds of countries all across the world. 

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Since inception in 1935, till now, BEPeterson has been providing customers with highly reliable and durable metal fabrication of heavy-gauge metal parts and equipment. By utilizing advanced manufacturing technique and cutting-edge production process, the company has been providing finest grade of products at value driven prices.

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