Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.’s Affiliate, The Acta Group, L.L.C., Announces The Launch of Its UK Office, The Acta Group EU, LTD


Source: Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.

UK Center to “Fast-Track” Regulatory Response

Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. is pleased to announce that its consulting affiliate, The Acta Group, L.L.C. (Acta), has launched its UK-based consulting affiliate, The Acta Group EU, Ltd (Acta EU). Acta EU focuses on chemical product approval, support, and regulatory defense to help industry tackle the intimidating landscape of increasing chemical regulation in the region. Acta EU has opened an office near Manchester, UK, with a team of specialists in product registration, regulatory issues, and toxicology as a center of expertise for industry. The company’s experience covers the industrial chemical, agrochemical, biocide, biotechnology, and nanotechnology sectors and also medical devices.

“Regardless of a product’s efficacy and economics, our industry’s biggest challenge in developing new markets and supporting existing portfolios are regulatory issues. One mistake can sink a project in a moment,” comments Lynn Bergeson, the head of Acta in Washington, D.C. and an attorney who has more than 20 years of experience in this sector.

The company already works with many U.S.-based chemical manufacturers and product formulators, and expansion into the European market has been prompted in part by the increasing challenges international businesses encounter in the European Union (EU) markets -- most recently the EU’s REACH regulatory framework (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals).

“The spiralling costs and inefficiencies of regulatory systems make Europe an intimidating landscape in which to operate. Our role is to navigate through this minefield and get products to market more quickly and defend existing positions for our customers,” she added.

The Acta EU regulatory team provides project management to fast-track product approval and registration, and to build support and defense packages for product portfolios. Toxicology specialists compile supporting data packages, including literature searches, reviews, and risk assessments.

Julie Dodd, regulatory manager of Acta EU, commented, “We have expertise in the EU and a wealth of experience to draw on from our colleagues in the U.S. We aim to form a focal point for chemical and related industries to tackle the regulatory issues together, efficiently. The REACH framework is going to put this requirement to the top of the agenda for many companies marketing in Europe,” she said.

In addition to assisting industry with REACH, Acta EU focuses on supporting the registration and approval of industrial chemical and agrochemical products and defending existing product approvals in the EU review process. Nanotechnology is an important, emerging field where Acta EU will work to support and protect the industry’s operational flexibility, as authorities begin to develop regulatory frameworks for the sector.

Acta EU is based at The Heath Technology Park in Runcorn, near Manchester, in the heart of the UK chemical industry. Key personnel are listed below:

Dr. Alison Bartlett, Regulatory Manager -- Dr. Bartlett has worked both as a freelance consultant in document preparation and for the UK Health & Safety Executive as a Regulatory Toxicologist, preparing and appraising industrial chemical hazard and risk assessment documents produced under the ESR, OECD, NONS, and related industrial and agricultural chemical programs. Dr. Bartlett received her BSc. (Hons) in Biomedical Technology from Sheffield City Polytechnic and received her Ph.D. from Liverpool John Moores University in QSAR of the Immunotoxicity of beta-lactam antibiotics, sponsored by Glaxo SmithKline. Julie Dodd, Regulatory Manager -- Ms. Dodd has broad experience in providing regulatory and technical services within the agrochemical industry. As the former European Regulatory Affairs Officer at United Phosphorus, Ltd., she was responsible for global registrations at the local, country, and EU levels, and was responsible for the preparation of toxicological, environmental, and agronomy data for presentation to governmental agencies worldwide. Prior to United Phosphorus, Ltd., Ms. Dodd was the Study Director at STL Runcorn, where she managed all aspects of studies that were conducted to GLP and OSPAR regulations. Ms. Dodd was also responsible for all aspects of projects pertaining to ecotoxicity and biodegradation testing of chemicals. Ms. Dodd received her BSc. (Hons) in Applied Biology from Liverpool John Moores University.

Steven William Green, Business Development Manager -- Mr. Green has significant experience in sales, marketing, and project management, as well as significant knowledge of regulatory systems around the world, including Japan and China. As the former Marketing Manager of SafePharm Laboratories, Ltd., Mr. Green assisted in the development and implementation of the company’s strategies and identifying new opportunities in the Far East and the Pacific Rim. Mr. Green graduated from the University of Teesside and received a Graduateship of the Royal Chemistry and an MRSC, CIM Advanced Certificate of Marketing from the University of Derby.

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